International Affairs

Jonathan Rozen

Marie Lamensch

If you live in North America or Europe, government shutdowns, Brexit, trade wars, or the crisis in Venezuela dominate the current news cycle. Most big powers are taking sides in Venezuela because they have vested interests in the country. Meanwhile in Sudan, civilians are taking to the streets against President Omar Al Bashir’s dictatorial regime, and it is drawing little international attention. Since mid-December, what started with anger over rising fuel and bread prices has now evolved into demands for President Al Bashir’s removal. The grievances are deep.

Noah Schouela

Attila Mong

Maxine Both

War-like pictures depicting France set a light by violent clashes between police and the “Gilets Jaunes”, or “Yellow Vests” movement, circulated widely in the media this past month.

Nina Milhaud

Last month, during her first address to the Human Rights Council, Michelle Bachelet, the new leader of the United Nations council, called on China to allow in monitors after deeply disturbing allegations of large re-education camps where Uighurs would be detained in China’s western Xinjiang province.

Andrew Downie

Dewaine Farria

Alia B. Martin

Maxine Both